Gwyneth Speaks of Vaginas

Does Gwyneth Paltrow really believe that women should steam clean their vaginas or it’s a ploy for publicity?

Do we women still know so little about our bodies that we’ll follow such advice?

I ask, but perhaps I don't really want an answer.

For many of the world’s women accurate, unbiased and accessible information about the female body – especially the reproductive system – is hard to come by. It does not help when someone like Paltrow uses her celebrity status to send more distorted messages to the world.

At a time when we’re battling to end the myth of the female reproductive system as dirty or cursed, Ms Paltrow should ask what message she’d like to share - that the vagina accumulates such filth that it must be cleaned (and someone paid to do it) or that she, an educated, wealthy and famous woman, knows nothing about her own body?

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