Eeyore speaks

“However you take it,” said Eeyore “After it comes summer, then autumn and then the dark and cold winter.”

I apologise for my amateur translation, but I stumbled across Eeyore’s musings on spring while in dentist’s waiting room sometime in April.

Now after a nothing less than glorious summer, a summer that stole into autumn and made us believe that autumn days have been and would always be blue-skied and warm, the rain has begun - cold and windy, occasionally punctuated by a flash of lightening.

As we flick on the lights at seven in the evening, it seems as if summer light was a dream. Forgotten are the days in which bedside lamps gathered dust from disuse and blackout blinds failed to keep out the 2am dawn.

Eeyore already explained what comes next. Regardless, though I didn’t finish the comic book, I’m sure Tigger or another, more optimistic, character must have reminded him that there’s always next year.

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