Big Brother - kicking myself!

Alas, last night I watched at least ten minutes of the Finnish edition of Big Brother, which to make it worse turned out to be a celebrity edition. 

Though it was in the spirit of practising my language skills I found, as expected, Big Brother in any language is still Big Brother and is not improved in anyway by my being unable to understand it. It is still mumbling, swearing, pontificating and wondering around aimlessly by a cast determinedly grabbing at fame and fortune.

After being continuously and reluctantly undated on the antics of Big Brother Africa, a season of which ended quite recently, I now have to constantly glimpse Frederik or Andy McCoy whenever I walk past a newspaper stall.

Yes, I may sound boring but whenever I see such shows I fear for the future of television. In its first years the Big Brother concept was (to an extent) original and intelligent, the idea of belligerent personalities forced together and monitored all day and night seemed almost like a study in psychology. Now, however many decades later Big Brother is old and tired, alongside the Pop Idols, Do You Think You Can Dances and Whomever has Talents.

Still with hits such as the one below I can't help but cheer for Frederik.

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