Sexism and racism for a chilly afternoon

I’ve just read an article by a Zambian blogger who says of himself “Yes, I am sexist.” (I will not apologise for not linking to the article.)

I often enjoy reading such articles, I enjoy the opportunity to explore the interiors of other people’s minds and the kind of thoughts people will put down in writing.

How I understand it is he’s sexist, homophobic and racist and very pleased with himself about it. After all, he posits, the problem is with women themselves, culture, education, biology – every thing and every body but himself.

Women, this writer says, have not yet tried to define the kind of gender equality they want.  Thus, he continues justifying his position of privilege in this complex web of rights, equality and power. He says, “Personally, I think that gender equality is just not practical in the literal sense…”

Though a seemingly young man he still, in 2013, goes on about “having clearly determined biological roles as men and women” and then honks on about women being weaker than men (as if there’re only two sexes) and yet gives examples that are socially defined. It seems he’s never seen a woman working in a mineshaft, digging up a road or getting up at four in the morning to walk five kilometres to fetch water before going to go to the field to work at what the writer seems to have conflated as work biologically determined for men.

He could just be speaking tongue-in-cheek, but is he? Too many men are still happy to publicise their rather strange and dare I say archaic opinions.

So I’ve covered the sexism and anti LGBTI but racism?

“Some women want a husband that is just blue eyes short of Jesus Christ…” he begins his blog post, now how was I supposed to leave that without comment. 


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. A reaction ... I love it when women take the bait for the rights they deny each other and expect to be given by society. Somewhere in your argument, there might be a point but you lost me when you accepted his stance.

Why argue with an ideal set in stone? Go and change the people who need change the most and that's women themselves.

Let's talk again in a few decades.

Mwila Agatha Zaza said...

I accepted his stance? Where?

Muchemwa Sichone said...

I think its only fair...http://wp.me/p3jE8T-1D