Sunday is spring..

Yesterday the sun returned and in the afternoon we scored an astounding 10o Celsius.

Living in such northern climes and thus having to endure such extreme winters, it 's easy to idealise spring. In December, January and February, one feels spring is a lifetime away. In March one anticipates long blue-skied days, the mercury rising with each passing day and the snow melting to reveal flowers and carpets of green grass.

This, my third Finnish spring, has been endlessly grey and cold. Only this weekend have we had a decent interlude of sunniness that I celebrated by sitting on a park bench for 10 minutes. The weather forecast promises more rain and cloud.

Yet, still we hope, already the bold and optimistic have bared their arms and legs - madness in my opinion - but nonetheless they are making the best of spring.


Anna said...

I've been exploring the posts under the "women" and "LGBT" tabs and I've enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Good stuff, why have you stopped updating??

Mwila Agatha Zaza said...

Thanks Anna,

I've just seen your blog and I'm intrigued and fascinated.