2nd April: the nonsense is over

I detest the antics of April Fools’ Day, really I do.

Every year on this day I’m forced to tiptoe about my life, wondering to what madness I’ll be subjected. This year thankfully the worst was a Star Wars Facebook post, though this was most likely because I stayed away from the news and radio, and because Easter celebrations dominated the little I did see.

April Fools’ day is meant to be a little silliness but has now grown into a form of global competition – how many people can I fool and how ridiculous a prank can I pull?

A leading British newspaper yesterday published a list of the best April Fools’ jokes of 2013 – it may not matter in terms of numbers but I’ve boycotted the page out of principle (note I haven’t used the paper’s name).

I haven’t always antagonistic towards April Fools’, however a few years ago I found myself stuck in traffic due to a radio DJ’s prank announcement. Looking back at the inconvenience he caused and the potential for even greater trouble, I think he should have been sanctioned, not fired, but certainly punished in some way.

In any case, it’s the second day of April, I can once again safely read my news and once again trust my cats, quotes and Takei - until next year.

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