Oh myyy, George Takei talks rape?

You know, when a man is raped you never hear about what he was wearing.
George Takei (22nd March, 2013)

Yes I do subscribe to George Takei on Facebook as I’ve previously confessed, so after the usual onslaught of grumpy cats and Trekkie references this afternoon’s comment caught me off guard.

I’m not sure if his comment is deliberately intended to be ambiguous; is it supposed to be funny, profound, sexist, ignorant or perhaps it wasn’t meant to be anything at all – simply a quip. Nonetheless, based on my Facebook relationship with Mr Takei, I have no reason to believe he was being anything less than intelligent and thus ...

How often do we watch or hear any discussion about male victims of rape? I’m sure he’s saying – and no, that is not a joke, as a good number of his commentators seem to think.

Another significant number discuss the possibility or impossibility of men being raped by women as if to say, if a man claims he’s been raped he must be lying.  A third camp believes male rape is justified because it only happens in prisons and as a Mr McCready says, “Usually cause orange prison jumpsuits are so boring,” (I can imagine him giggling as he wrote it).  A fourth lot put forward the earnest argument that since more women are raped (I’ve seen some discussions that this isn’t necessarily true) then male victims of rape are a triviality that takes away from the real work.

When reading the nearly 4,000 comments posted in just over an hour, it becomes apparent why male (and female) victims of rape face an uphill battle when seeking justice, support and comfort from society.

Duchessofdoom puts it quite succinctly when she says, “The idiotic comments on this thread are the reason we have the term "rape culture."

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James Landrith said...

What George completely missed is that while men are not victim-blamed for their clothing, we get a ton of other nasty comments such as "he must have wanted it", "erections = consent", "should have fought harder" and our sexuality is questioned, mocked and otherwise used against us.

I was raped. I'm sicking of hearing about how I don't get victim-blamed from people who don't have any clue. I'm sick of being used as a talking point to show how other survivors have it harder. Anyone doing so is part of the problem.