My wonderfully selective memory

One of our most useful traits as humans, I suppose, is our conveniently selective memory. In the midst of blue skies, above zero temperatures, the ever-lengthening days and the persistent cry of “early spring”  - I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but to me the cold and dark of December and January are forgotten.

My third Helsinki winter is drawing to a end and though I should know by now, I’ve still allow myself to be duped by the heralding of an early spring that will once again be shattered by a sudden severe fall in temperatures – as it was last winter.

I think it’s called hope.

Last week, I saw a comedian at café Mascot who claimed when asked how he copes in Finland he replied, “(I like) bought a jacket.” I believe he was saying that Finnish winter is not every foreigner’s nightmare as many would like us to believe.

Everyone feels the cold and is affected by the dark, Finnish or foreign. I hear enough Finns moan about the weather to know it isn’t just me who for a while gets the blues. A good jacket is useful, and so is forgetting.

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Comedy Idiot Helsinki is a monthly, English-language comedy show hosted at Café Mascot (Neljäs Linja 2) every second Thursday of the month.

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