Cornrows at Kaisaniemi

I bought an easter egg.

In my mind the only eggs that should be chocolate are Kinder eggs, but this find at Kaisaniemi gave me a reason to explore another brand.

Of course, I've never heard of Disney fairies and I certainly didn't know that one of them not only is black, but has cornrows!

If you look closer in an image like this, the detail is complete and unmistakable - she even has fuzz. 

This is probably meaningless to any child to anyone who wasn't a black girl growing up in the eighties and nineties where all black celebrity women wore long straight tresses, or bouffant curls and coils. Many claim that black women aspire to long hair from an association with European on me.

I adored Princess Tiana but she had long hair. Adding a black girl with natural hair to a band of, well, fairies brings our hair further into the mainstream. Little girls have one more skinny, scantily clad icon - but, she looks like them.

I certainly couldn't have imagined as a little girl walking into a sweet shop in a Helsinki metro station and finding a chocolate egg wrapped in the image of a girl who looked like me (barring the wings).  

I suppose the world has finally caught up with us.

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