A piece of Zambian History - courtesy of Amazon

My excitement couldn’t be contained when I arrived home to find my 1973 edition of The Kapelwa Musonda File had arrived via Amazon.

The last time I saw this book was when my sister and I came into ownership of a battered, rat-eaten and partly mouldy copy at some point in the 1990s. It provided many hours of fun, reading and rereading its witty, colourful and insightful anecdotes and articles.

The Kapelwa Musonda File is an anthology of articles published in 1973 by Neczam, which I believe later became the Kenneth Kaunda Foundation and later still Zambia Educational Publishing Publishing. Kapelwa Musonda was the pseudonym of a Zambian journalist who wrote for the times of Zambia beginning shortly after independence and continuing for at least thirty years.

His observations of life, society and politics in Zambia – an infant state – are priceless. This was the period in which Zambians were full of hope and aspirations - we hadn't a clue what the future held. The shenanigans of the World Bank, twenty-seven years of Kaunda, the machinations and deceit of our politicians and before HIV and AIDS – all that was in the future.

We were innocents.

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