Save my forest!

One of the joys of living in my part of Helsinki is running through the little forest park that borders the ocean just minutes from my apartment. When among the trees I feel as if I were miles from the city. There, meeting only the occasional runner, walker, dog walking it’s owner and aimless wanderers, lost campers or happy cyclists, I can savour nature and the peaceful life.

Sadly, that may be taken away from me and the countless others who partake of this forest.

Monday evening was spent in an in exposition of the City Planning Office’s (KSV) master plan for our area. Our little forest is to be bulldozed to make way for four to seven-storey high apartment blocks and something that looks suspiciously like a giant downhill ski-slope.

Apparently this development will “fix” our neighbourhood (strange, considering it’s not broken). Suddenly, our part of the city will become affluent and desirable – excuse me while I snigger. 

Thankfully, some denizens have come up with alternative plans for housing these two thousand people and revitalising our neighbourhood (pro Meri-Rastila), and the meeting was attended by political representatives who are on our side. The architects spearheading this opposition convincingly justified their reasons for not wanting the development to take place.

Will we prevail against the financial and political interests vested in the plan? I really hope so. It would be such a shame if such valuable public space is forever lost.

additional information; Mikko Sarela, Laitura


Kristiina Tyrväinen said...

I hope,You can keep it and be running through the forrest and birds and of course other peoples too can keep it.

Mwila Agatha Zaza said...

I hope so too.
Unfortunately, it will take a long time before we know what will happen