In sickness and daytime TV

I’ve spent the last week between various poses on my sofa and my bed due to the worst bout of influenza I have ever experienced, in fact, one of the worst bouts of any illness I’ve ever had.

Never having had malaria or dengue fever or anything truly exotic, I learned how it felt to have a fever so high that my head pounded mercilessly throughout the night. I shivered, I shook, I sweated, tossed, turned and vomited – and then in the morning had to be taken to the hospital by my endlessly supportive better half.

In my first real experience with the Finnish medical system, I learned several cultural and organisational differences with any of the medical systems I've encountered before. Of course not everything was unpleasant, I did receive some efficient and friendly service but through the veil of 39.3oc fever, the good things are harder to recall.

However, I survived and I’m still recuperating on my sofa desperately hoping I won’t have to go through this every winter because daytime television is utter torture. 

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