A winter’s Sunday in Tallinn

A Sunday afternoon in off-peak Tallinn is remarkable in its tranquillity. Gone are the crowds of shoppers and sightseers, though a lone Segway remains advertising its service.

Our day trip to Tallinn was a full day excursion beginning with an early morning wakeup, cramming ourselves into tram 9 to Lansiterminaali and then stuffing ourselves with the ship’s all-you-can-eat buffet.  Even though it wasn’t my first trip, I still find the enthusiasm on the dance floor fascinating. Then there’s the return trip with tipsy punters guarding their bounty of reasonably priced alcohol and duty free chocolate. 

Trips to Tallinn are a Finnish ritual.  Initially sceptical of the two and a half hour boat trip, I now consider it a cultural curiosity (as long as the sea’s calm) and quite entertaining. 

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