Jingle those bells

Friends, family, food and music - there are some excellent things to be said about the homogenisation of Christmas celebrations. I can sit in a cafe in Finland and listen to the same grating, minor pop star rendered versions of Christmas classics as in any other part of the world. 

Michael Bublé, Celine Dion and Hark! Did I just hear Mariah Carey sing.

Nevertheless most carols are too difficult to completely butcher and sometimes listening to a new cover reminds of a song’s beauty.

But do we really need the Jingle Bell Rock again, and what possible use could it be to cover the Chipmunks? 

Soon Christmases will be the same everywhere in the world and the songs are emblematic of this change. In deserts across the world we will dream of white Christmases, partridges in pear trees and know that, if we are good, Santa Claus will come to town in a truck emblazoned with the Coca Cola logo. 

But in the meantime pass the joulutorttu and glögi and make sure you leave room for the riisipuuro

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