Yesterday's snow (fiction)

Mummy slips on the thinnest layer of ice and she swears.

“I could have been killed!” she looks at us, hoping that we’ll commiserate.

Daddy's patience is wearing thin. He slaps his thigh in exasperation. “You’re not even trying to adjust to our new life, to the new seasons, to the idea that snow will fall and cover the land with ice and it is beautiful.”

He takes few steps ahead and looks at the path ahead covered in white. “And this is only yesterday’s snow? We have months more to go!” His eyes are bright, excited, like those of a child like me.
Mummy looks around discreetly, then she looks to the ground and covers her eyes hiding her tears with mittens that are too thick for the first snowfall.

Daddy retreats and mumbles in frustration.

"Why make such a little thing so big?"

I join in, standing next to Daddy my hands on my hips, my legs spread slightly apart just like his, "Yes mummy, why make it so big." 

"Shut up!” she orders me, though she hates to be harsh, " You don’t have a clue what he’s talking about.”

Photograph via Pinterest

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