Splashes of lukewarm water (fiction)

She feels the pleasurable pangs of nostalgia. She recalls summers baking in the October sunshine, the sprinkler spinning in the garden and two little girls in bright underpants shrieking in the splashes of lukewarm water.

She’s in an airport, a chai latte cooling on the Formica table and she’s considering something sweet to eat. People are coming and going, seeing loved ones for the first time in years, cries, tears and laughter fill the small reception corridor. The ATM blinks a message.

She remembers sleepovers. They’re older and it’s evening, swatting mosquitoes on the veranda, flicking through the pages of a magazine and swapping imaginary stories about boys they wished they knew.

The woman is enveloped in a hug. The woman is plump, she shows her years, those are her children and the man with his arms around her is her greatest love. 

She remembers college classes skipped, dancing in clubs sipping brandy and coke. Perhaps a piece of cake, a frothing knob of cream beside it? 

The woman turns and for the most fleeting of moments catches her eye. 

Image; raspberri

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