Drizzle and grey days

Winter’s coming.

Next week, so the weather app says.

It’s nearing the time of glögi, soup and nests of knitted socks and luxuriant blankets. It’ll soon be the season of hot water bottles and the heating up on high.

This will be my third Helsinki winter. Granted, it seems late this year but I wouldn’t mind winter being deferred indefinitely. It may be the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season of darkness, depression and closing oneself in from the rest of the world.

Soon the streets will be iced, artificial lighting on constantly and I’ll need to repeatedly remind myself that though it may be dark it is, in essence, day.

'I hope Christmas isn't ten degrees and raining' a colleague groaned when discussing holiday plans for the silly season - which, thank heavens, isn't yet as silly here as it is in other parts (you will remain nameless).

The darkness is inevitable and predictable. It's the weather's indecision, prevaricating between cold and colder, damp, drizzling and pouring that makes the transition to winter that little harder to bear.

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