The good, the bad and the ludicrous

Blogging. A heavy, unwieldy word for an activity that is or can be creative, inspiring and exciting.  Blogging was an addiction, trawling through the city notebook in hand, rendering people, places and events into text – much of which never makes it to the webpage.

I’ll have to admit to having fallen out of the habit, too many other goings-on have filled my time. However, despite being the proud owner of a MacBook air, nothing can supplant the sensation of pen on paper - my notebooks beckon.

The world remains unchanged, not being an optimist; I’ve never expected that it would. The Arab Spring has turned to winter without ever seeing summer, religious violence has escalated in new territories and the USA once again attacked the Internet and the world.

Nevertheless, we carry on; we exhaled as Zambia changed governments, having held our breaths for far too long; my Finnish has improved though I’m hardly it’s master and of course, winter came finally and I’m typing away in a snowy wonderland.

So I return to Every Woman For Himself, a title I will explain one day. I plan to again plunge into this habit, to return to observing the news, opinion and especially life. I’ll continue to discuss the books and films that I find memorable – the good, the bad and the ludicrous and anything else that comes to mind.

Cheers everyone…

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