Hiatus' end

Last week I spent one morning in a seminar entitled "Because I am a girl," held in a romantically baroque building that once served as Finland’s first girls' school. The event reminded me of why I began blogging in the first place. I contemplated starting a design or literary blog but could not muster the necessary enthusiasm. I recognised that I am surrounded by events and injustice, which I can neither ameliorate nor influence but still I have opinions and ideas as do many others. During the seminar my mentor and Plan Finland’s director Riitta Weiste said "I urge each one us to find ways to make the world more just."

As I write my home country is in the immersed in the excitement and promise that a new government may deliver, yet many are wary of the danger. Throughout the election process and the days following it, Facebook and blogs by Zambians have been invaluable in keeping me connected with my home country. Social media have stoked my fears, allayed my worries and discovered their purpose in peaceful revolution.

Now we return to some form of normality, despite the change in government, Zambia will remain an essentially unequal and unjust society. Poverty, disease and corruption will still be a reality for the majority of the population, despite what the World Bank says. It is perhaps ambitious to believe that blogging can contribute to significant change but it is undeniably one of many possible tools – and also the feeling of distance between I and home might lessen. 

To end my beginning, I’d like to thank all who have taken a few minutes to read what I have to say, and a few moments more to comment in return.

As the Magnificent Showman so brilliantly said “Break a leg - let’s get to it!

Photograph: The trial (Flickr)

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Viajera said...

I do believe that blogging is a tool...for connecting, brainstorming, influencing... It gives you a public voice, and you never know who may hear.