A long way, baby!

By circumventing the Zambian postal system, I’ve acquired the latest edition of Nkhani Kulture, a Zambian lifestyle magazine. Although I had misgivings about the “K,” the magazine is a demonstration of sophistication and artistry. Its photography and print quality make it a perfect coffee table magazine and it’s an exemplar of what the Zambian entertainment industry is capable. Perusing the magazine, I can tell that they have learned many lessons from previous Zambian magazines that after a flitting lifespan have vanished into our uncharted publishing history. Bravo editorial team! 

Nkhani Kulture is indicative of the exponential growth in Zambian entertainment over the last twenty years. Music, television, fashion, artists are pursuing new ventures, as mroe Zambians are travelling abroad and following international arts and entertainment through satellite television and the internet.

Though I make an ambivalent follower of Zedbeats on Facebook (perhaps it’s my age) I still appreciate the efforts of the artists who epitomise the improved quality of Zambian music and videos. One must appreciate that creating literature, music and
film requires resources and investment which still aren’t as readily available as in other countries. Add thereupon the near complete absence of state support, plus endemic piracy and you have a significant dent in an already limited market. But the industry has endured and expanded and in the inimitable words of the Virginia slims campaign “ You've come a long way, baby!”

Photographs; Nkhani Kulture 

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