In praise of - Acaye Pamela

A friendship born in my spell in Uganda, Acaye Elizabeth Pamela is a natural poet and determined to leave an imprint in the Ugandan art scene. From before I met Pam she pursued her career in print and on stage; performing in festivals, writing plays such as “The other woman” and even creating a musical. She has published anthologies of poetry “Echo of senses” and her new album of poetry “Awecu- I shall speak” is scheduled for release.

Pam is described as a poet, playwright, television presenter and activist and has added designer and mother to her list of accomplishments

Sacred tears
These sacred tears which inhabit my sanctuary;
Springing from wellsprings of broken dreams turned fossils,
And en-flamed wounds turned sacred ground for legends of pain and betrayal ,
That once was beauty.
What say you that, I shed these tears for sentimentality
Of what should have been and still can be when I am granted the grace to be and become that,
Of whom I must become.....
The jewel and the crown within and without.

Uganda 2010
Let the thunder cry and mind not the weeping of the sky,
They are only clearing their throats to rejoice with us.
I hear the Nankasa drums in Buganda picking up in tempo,
The Njigge drums from Alur land are also sounding alongside the mournful Agwara horn for change:

The Otole and Larakaraka dances are drawing near from Gulu, Kitgum and Pader,
The wind can blow teargas into our eyes!
 It will not stop us from walking the walk of freedom.

Blame it on the wind that has seduced the song from between our lips;
Or on the birds that have joined in the chorus, singing;
‘We shall preserve our land.’

Blame it on this relentless wind that cannot stop asking our souls!
“Are you ready for the great revival that is pouring down?”
Are you ready for the great awakening that is already here?
Are you ready to exercise the power of your vote?
Are you ready? Oh! Are you ready?

The Akogo’s, Adungu’s , Ngalabi’s and Nangas  are noisily sounded yet,
 Our feet rediscover the rhythm of our journey despite the long shadows of our present?
Even if our season is short, we shall rain our land into bountiful harvest. 
 Our voices rising above the thunder and lightning!

Even if as we reach forth to claim our harvest we find wilted and rotted fruit,
We shall pick them from the ground, slice off the rotten bits and
Relish in their succulent flavors as we savor them on our tongues.
We shall cast our votes with our minds and not our hearts.

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Acaye said...

Hey , thanks, its very flattering what how you perceive me. The album when out, i will at least upload the music to ur mail. Books, lets talk about how i can send them to you. I am open for your ideas.