The good of the goose

After a few weeks without the motivation to blog, I came across an item in the Guardian on a spat between Germany and France on exhibiting foie gras (the fattened liver of a goose) at a German food fair.

I have very little interest in animal rights, but I do believe that our world has evolved to a state in which it can afford to treat its animals without brutality. Even if the final objective is a good meal and ultimately self gratification, I think the justification of processes such as the production of foie gras and veal are obsolete.

While in France foie gras is part of the “protected cultural and gastronomical heritage of France”, in human rights speak the term “harmful traditional practice” would be used in a human equivalent, but I’m sure it applies in this case.  

Of course, one could call me unrefined, or say perhaps that my palate is unsophisticated, but the vitriol with which the French defend this practice is the same that protects other harmful cultural practices such as say underage marriage and polygamy.  

Photograph: CubaGallery on Flickr

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