A country in East Africa

If you look in Wikipedia this morning a new entry says “South Sudan, officially the Republic of South Sudan is a country in East Africa.”

A decade from now, I wonder if this new country will still honour the two million whose deaths justify its existence? With oil, continuing feuds and the likelihood of North Sudan continuing to menace the new country – it’s unlikely. The UN and various donor nations have already moved in and the World Bank and IMF will soon enough make their mark with “investments.”

My wish for Sudan is that they, or rather their leaders do not follow the certain path to despotism and kleptocracy – losing their empathy for the people they lead and thus deepening the gulf between the rich and poor, and between the government and the people. I hope that the excesses of wealth and power the characterise “leadership” in many newly independent or democratic countries do not become the hallmark of this new country for which so many people have died.  

Photographs: Jose Miguel Calatayud Flickr

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