Songs about Tuesdays

A bout of writer’s block has kept me away from blogging for the last week. Meanwhile, my daily process of immigration continues. Last weekend involved cheering Finland for the first time in the Eurovision song contest and watching the hockey world cup, watching a Nigerian movie and pondering songs about Tuesdays. 

The annual spectacle of Eurovision is a global demonstration of mediocrity. Whereas there are some acts that one would say are “too good for Eurovision” the rest are misapplied talent. Looking back at Abba, perhaps one of their worst songs won the contest, spawning a tradition of nonsensicality that is the hallmark of Eurovision. Nonetheless is one wants to launch an international career in music from say Belarus, how else except Eurovision?

The hockey match was mildly exciting and the revelry that followed sucked me into the spirit of things. It’s been a long time since Zambia has won a significant international title barring women’s boxing –which of course does not attract the attention that it should, so to be part of a celebrating nation was exciting.

Also on a sports related note, the conviction of some Zambian footballers in a match fixing scandal here in Finland has made sad watching. These men have exchanged tangible opportunities for successful careers for immediate and fleeting financial gratification. Integrity and sportsmanship to the wind for money!  

Photograph: Michiyo Flickr

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