Once again - the rapture

Meanwhile, here in the rapture, we are wondering why the sky is not raining fire, hail and brimstone (insert emoticon here). The question at the breakfast table is why people once again fell for the words of determinist cult leaders?

We are fortunate that the Rapture has ended in good humour  for example “that rapture was very subtle - oh hang on, where is everyone?” but let us not forget Heaven’s Gate and the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments and the many other tragedies among believers of the end of days.

The earth has a finite existence – the end of the earth is certain. But why is it that people pursue this end date? 1916, 1999, 2012 or 21st May 2011, it could be any date and the finer points may be different, but essentially the good would be whisked away to glory while the rest of us would be subjected to a slow torturous death.  “The good” equating to the followers of the cult or leader in question and “the rest” anyone who is isn’t.

In my opinion, the rapture and other forms of judgement day derives from the undying belief that there is justice for the maltreated, marginalised and poor. Moreover this judgement must be public, mine enemy shall watch as I am carried up to the right hand of a god and moments later I will watch as they are punished for all the injustice I have suffered will begin.

For many people today, justice and human rights are concepts that belong to the privileged. Our people who work for a dollar a day do not work less than the rich - they work more. For this they are rewarded with disease, disability and finally a shortened lifespan. Meanwhile, the rich flaunt the laws with impunity while the poor rot in jail for the theft of a goat or mobile telephone.

As long as there is injustice people will continue to believe in supernatural reparation. This so-called prophecy is another example of exploitation. A number of believers took the word of this man and gave away their worldly possessions, jobs or at least vested their faith in his words and they join the ranks of the disappointed and dispossessed. 

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