Oh joy!

I am basking in joy because of the defeat of Zambia’s draft constitution. The process was a travesty of democracy, an insult to the very ideals of citizen participation that multi-party politics promised. Moreover, more than 200 billion Kwacha or 12.3 million euro, was spent on manipulating our constitution for the benefit of the political and social elite.

I’m also pleased because, for now anyway, the right to abortion remains safeguarded in the 1996 constitution and legality of at least sex marriage remains undefined.

It was hard to watch the brouhaha on these issues. I saw it as an underhanded attempt to gain kudos with the masses rather than doing what was right. Keeping everyone talking about abortion and homosexuality distracted them from the political machinations that were going on to the detriment of human rights.

Had the constitution been approved right now there would be people patting each other on the back about how they are now safe from the dreaded homosexuals and women of loose morals.

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