The satisfied cynic

A dictator deposed. Of course his delay tactics were in order to secure his fortune. His son is no longer a contender to the creation of a dynasty. 

The cynic in me is satisfied and the optimist remains eternally so.

The following blogs from the New Yorker and the guardian are excellent reading.

The dictator is the last to know
February 10, 2011
Posted by David Remnick, The New Yorker
The delusions of dictators are never more poignant—or more dangerous—than when they are in their death throes. To watch Hosni Mubarak today in his late-night speech in Cairo, as he used every means of rhetorical deflection to...
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Mubarak steps down. But let's be clear – Twitter had nothing to do with it 

By Will Heaven, the Telegraph
My colleague Con Coughlin was right after all – President Mubarak clings onto power no longer. But as I watch the euphoric crowds in Tahrir Square on the BBC, some idiot pundit is describing how “New Media” toppled the 82-year-old dictator.

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Photo; Guardian/AP

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